Guide to SURVIVE Bangkok!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ok, after reading my previous wonderful experiences in Bangkok,
I've been receiving lots of questions regarding
the communication barrier & safety in Bangkok.
I've traveled to Thailand 4 times in 2 years and loving it more and more each time.

I hope this "Mini Guide to SURVIVE Bangkok" will help you
enjoy your trip to awesome Bangkok!

Honestly my first impression of Bangkok really sucked,
on my first trip there after we landed in Bangkok, went to Chatukchat weekend market and my bag got slashed and my wallet got stolen.

Being not-so street smart then, honestly by the 3rd day I'm there
I was already wishing to go home, but on my 2nd trip I was much more street smart, not fearing about so much things and everything was perfect and totally awesome!

Be Street Smart and Alert

Don't swing your bag around, faster keep your cash when you're making payment etc, don't be a goon and hold your wallet/flashing your stack of cash!
In Singapore nothing will happen but now it's Bangkok we're talking about!

Best to carry a small pouch to hold your money so you can stuff it in your shorts/berms pocket, keep it close to you! If not, carry a across body bag
if you need to store things like camera, reusable bag to store your shopping buys, cosmetics etc.

If you're traveling alone, don't walk around looking like a lost sheep,
holding a map and walking around aimlessly!

Don't make yourself a walking dart board!
It's like inviting people to.. i dunno, rob you or kidnap you? - it's not that scary la!

When the locals are overly friendly, your inner alarm should start ringing.
Generally Thais are a shy bunch, if they're being overly friendly that probably
because they wanna scam you, or simply have something up their sleeves.

Language Barrier

Honestly, the language barrier is the LAST thing that would would stop me from going to Bangkok, there's really only 2 scenario that i would approach a local
and try to talk to them:
- bargaining when shopping/ordering food
- transportation

Bargaining when shopping, they would usually know English numerals,
worst come to worst they usually have calculators lying around,
borrow it and quote what you're willing to pay and start bargaining!
- usually won't happen, they would know English numerals.


Transportation, Bangkok is easily accessed via BTS, MRT and there are tuk tuks & cabs all over the streets anytime of the day/night.
If you're worried about the cab driver not knowing the hotel you stay in,
grab a couple of the hotel's name cards and keep them in your wallet/bag.
Their name cards usually have a mini map of the hotel's location.

If not, just anyhow pronounce to the driver?
Like i didn't know how to pronounce sukhumvit on my first trip to bkk,
so i just anyhow try my luck and told the driver "SU-KUM-VIT"
lol he got it in the end anyway, so.. if you're in your wit's end..

Area to stay

During the past few trips to Bangkok i've stayed in Pratunam, Suhkumvit & Silom.
But my favourite area to stay in would definitely be Suhkumvit.
My usual criteria- Comfortable, Safe, Cleanliness, pricing

Usually I'll lookout for small 3, 4 Stars hotel,
with the budget of around $60-$80 per night.

After all, I'll be out shopping/enjoying life from day to night,
won't get even to have time to enjoy the room.
Can save the $ for hotel to shop/eat/enjoy life!
After you split the cost between two people, damn cheap!!! :D

Honestly as long as they fit my criteria above, i'm pretty OK with everything else,
even if the hotel staff are cold and all, i don't really care,
can save up on tips for the hotel staff instead then.
After all i always believe you get what you pay for, so if it's friendly for my pocket
- it's OK!

If the service is good, definitely a bonus! (:

I usually book my accommodations via
because they list the hotels by areas, follow by the No. of * ratings for the hotel, pricing so the information you need is just there,
all you have to do is pick a few out from the area you prefer and look thru,
pick one that fits what you want the most.


I keep getting questions like how much $ do i usually bring on my trips,
but honestly really depends on individual, I'm usually more generous
when I'm on a holiday, pretty much "spend my money freely".

Oh well, it's a holiday right? Don't enjoy life during a vacation
then keep the money till when?! But i will control my spending
by "rationing" my cash by bringing like 1/3 of my money out only
so i don't spend everything on the 1st two days
and end up with $0 for the rest of my trip.


Clubbing/drinks are really inexpensive in Bangkok,
so go chill at RCA with your friends! The music is really really really good there, uncomparable to the clubs in Singapore really.
Nadnut brought us to a club called Slim @ RCA on our countdown trip
and it was a BLAST!


So here's a rough guide of how much i'll spend for a 4D3N trip to Bangkok:

  1. Shopping/Eating/Enjoy life: I'll change around 800SGD to thai baht, and bring another $200 in SGD and bring debit/credit card in case i wanna draw more money to spend!
  2. Airport transfers: 300-400 baht one way
  3. Accommodation: Around $150SGD for 3 night stay (split between two person in a room)


Go to this link to generate a exchange rate charts which can come in handy when you're shopping:


You absolutely cannot miss out the cheap foot, full body aroma massages,
go for thai body massage if you're into those hardcore crack here crack there type!


And the seafood! So cheap, so fresh, SO AWESOME!
I recommend TK Seafood at Chinatown (:

Loves, Fidelis.

Mystery Makan: Tea Cozy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helloooooooo, i'm starting to feel like i'm doing a food blog instead nowadays.
Lol out of 5 posts of 3 is food related.

A few weeks back, it was nadnut's turn to plan our Mystery Dinner!
Basically, we plan a place individually and all 4 of us turn up not knowing what to expect and what we're having for dinner and so far it's been fun!

We've gone to-

  • A pinch of Salt & Tea Cozy- nadnut's planned
  • Barracks @ HOUSE - Fidelis planned (haven't blog yet lol!)
  • Porns Thai food & Steamboat @ Marina country Club - planned by Esther
  • Teppanyaki @ Nanjya Monjya - planned by Jacelyn

When nadnut mentioned that we're meeting at Plaza Singapura,
i was guessing it's this place, and I'm right! :D


Probably wanted to try having high tea here like every single time i went to PS,
but somehow didn't get to try it out until now, it's just beside Spotlight.



Lol the decor, so sweet so cute so homey awwwww.
I wish my future husband will let me decorate my home like that,
sweety country style.

I think I'm very extreme thou, it's either cutting edge cool modern decor or sweet homey country style. I'll have a damn hard time choosing my furniture next time.



nadnut just ended her hair treatment, she dyed her hair jet black and i think the colour looks really good on her, kohl lined eyes, nude lips - so biker chic.
(which she so totally is!)



Checking out the menu while waiting for Jace and her boyf to reach!


Shared a mushroom soup with Esther, ok ok not too bad.


They have like super pretty dishes!

Everyone's dishes are different, so sad i got the cheena bong flower one, Esther got the chio Victorian plate. *pouts* Hahahah I'm so damn childish.


Baked mushrooms, again - ok ok.
I use to make this all the time, just wash your portobello mushrooms
add a sheet of cheese, mozzarella cheddar whatever, wrap in foil and bake it!



Esther's grilled chicken with penne pasta


My foie gras with apricot jam, so so so so so good. Noms!


Jace's Miso Fish which comes with a small serving of salad


Esther ordered Raspberry sorbet and we ordered other desserts to share!


Hohoho, our dressing matched! Bought my top from a local designer in Bangkok.


The desserts are so-so only ):



Yay! this next mystery makan will be planned by Jacelyn, looking forward to it! (:


Tea Cozy

Plaza Singapura
#05-01 (beside spotlight)
Contact: 63419318

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Nomdays 2

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's nomsday #2.

Last Sunday, Daniel ask me to go to City Harvest with him which just opened its doors at the Suntec Convention Hall 603.

Daddy fetched me there that morning, told him twice it's suntec
and he send me to the one at Jurong. Argggggh. Fell asleep on my way there so i didn't realize until he stopped his car outside City Harvest Jurong. Faints

Ended up being 30 minutes and missed the worship. Boo.

After everything ended we were thinking of places to go eat,
always damn hungry after church!
Dan called Jun kit asking him to join us for lunch and he said he's sick like a dog :x
Wanted to eat at Waraku but the nearest one at Marina Square
confirm damn packed so dan drove over to The Central!

Seriously hate the newer carparks nowadays, turn and turn until wanna puke.

Lol i remember that time my other friend who is also named daniel, we all went to helipad @ The Central to party and after the partying we were all pretty damn high,
he purposely drove damn fast while turning down from the carpark,
so we were all screaming like crazy and hanging on to our dear lives. wtf.





Dan's friend, Wilson. They're like, hardcore gaming buddies. lol FML



Top from Bangkok, Bling from Bangkok too! Lol


The himbo always wearing the same toooooop! :x


I tried the Kimchi, Chicken soup based pasta, pretty yummy!


Prawn gratin with penne pasta, yummy!




OMGGGGGG, i love the Shibuya Honey Toast!

hahaha we took gazillion years to pick one flavor cos we were so full but still damn itchy butt wanna eat sweet desserts, wanted to order 2 but obviously we cannot finish cos the glutton Jun kit is not here to finish everything so we chose apple cinnamon which was a good choice, it's so good!


Tummy is gonna explode! Went to sit on the steps by the river and talk rubbish as usual.


Wanted to find a popular to buy Monopoly deal but like damn ley chey so didn't play, dan drove over to wilson's place and we played PS3 and told me lots of funny stories about Wilson. lol

Played Little Big Planet 2 - it's the only game i play on PS3?!
damn cute and funny as shit la, yay unlocked another world and it's even FUNNIER!
Omg But i think i can't play with Wilson cos we end up killing each other like 98% of the time.

By then Junkit was feeling better so dan drove us to go pick him up to have
dinner together, it happened to be Wilson's dad birthday
so we join in the celebration! (:


Wilson's sis did this, cute! :D


Happy Birthday Uncle Khong!

Boo, but I'm kinda bummed that i didn't get to play tennis. Humpf!
After dinner played with Wilson's bunny, marshmallow. A big fat ball of bunny! :D
Too bad i didn't take any pics, so cute!

Wilson & Junkit was playing their guy games, Daniel & I watching some dumb videos and humming to good music when suddenly he wanted to go watch a movie. Super impromptu! Wanted to watch Diary of a Wimpy kid
but there wasn't any movie slots, bah!

Drove over to Tiong Bahru Plaza and watched Adjustment Bureau instead:


Lol, Ok after watching Adjustment Bureau, i was really stoned
(only slept 3-4 hours the last night K!).. i was like.. busy with my phone or distracted with my pumps (the decor part fell out and it's damn annoying) or something and i was just following behind my friends so i walk right into the gents. WTF

I thought i was following them to the lift lobby or something lol
Thank god Jun kit saw me following behind and he like wave in my face,
laughed and told me it's the gents. FML Embarrassed ttm. :x

Philips headphone giveaway

Thursday, March 24, 2011

One thing i just cannot do without, is music.

When i'm at work, at home, blogging, working out, traveling to meet my friends, shopping, sleeping, applying my makeup.

I'm somebody who depend on my mood to do things,
Music inspires me, keeps me going and affects my mood deeply.

And of course having a pair of headphones, earphones is essential.
I recently received a pair of Philips headphones from Philips and i must say, from the looks of it to the sounds quality. I'm pretty much loving every part of it.



(they were really thoughtful, other than the headphones, they even bought a scarf from Bershka and a pair of earrings from topshop for us.)

The headphones i received is one of the latest audio product from Philips,
it's great for ladies, can be twisted flat like that to fit in our bags, comfy puffy ear pads that doesn't get hot and uncomfortable after hours and hours of use.



And the color! I chose the Cyan/White one and it's SO pretty & so ME!



Listening to: Keri Hillson - Pretty Girl Rock


Matches my favorite shade of nail polish from China Glaze!




Who cares for boring black headphones anymore!


Camwhore ttm!

Obviously i didn't just bomb you with a whole chunk
of my cam whoring pics for nothing. Philips sponsored me a set of Philips Headband Headphones SHL5002 to do a giveaway contest on my blog!

The winner gets a set of headphone in Cyan/White,
the exact same model I'm having on. (:

- Who wants to have "couple" headphones with me? hahaha


How to win these gooooorgeous headphones?
Comment on the tag-board on the left or email me at

Let me know what is the most important when you shop for a pair of headphones
- the looks of it? Color? Sound Quality?

Describe your "dream headphones" and win a pair of these awesome headphones worth S$69!

CONTEST IS CLOSED! Thanks for the overwhelming entries from all of you,
will announce the winner soon! (:

Loves, Fidelis.